Lugar Brae Community Choir

Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving;
(Psalm 147:7)

With these words the psalmist underlined the importance of music and singing, not just in church services but in all our lives.

There is nothing like music to express our joys and sorrows, to help us give expression to feelings that we often can’t even put into words. Psychologists tell us that music activates our brain on more levels than just about any other activity. Small wonder then that music and well-being are so closely related.

The Lugar Brae Community Choir is based on the idea that music is a great way to help deal with the rigours of life. We meet for two hours (4:30pm to 6:30pm) each Wednesday to learn a wide range of music, from contemporary through to the great composers.

There are no auditions or requirement that you can sing well. The choir is open to all at whatever age and stage in life!. Please come and join us!


David Robinson (0410 568 849)

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